I'm so excited!

Hey! I just got my first ever print back from the Art printers (I usually only sell originals and I am soooo excited at the quality and vibrancy of the print! Sooo amazing! 

Pulling the thread

I occasionally unravel and every so often this leads me to ponder if I am actually always one step behind being complete. This is fine.

I have learnt that sometimes you must find that one thread and pull to dismantle familiar ways of thinking and doing. To find a way to evolve into someone you weren’t moments, or days, or years ago. There are so many life experiences that make up who I am (thank the Good Lord and his angels we didn’t have social media through most of my teenage years!!!) and I am appreciative for ALL of the fragments of life-learning and mistakes that makes me…ME. Of course, my journey of blunders and achievements, slip-ups and amazingness is far from over but I am old enough- maybe not as wise as I would like- to know that my world isn’t over with an “oops”.

She is named Althea

Photo 31-07-2017, 18 49 53.jpg